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What To Do In An Emergency

  • Ensure you are in no immediate danger
  • Call 999 if there is a life threatening emergency
  • Contact an Emergency Co-Ordinator who will help contact local volunteers

Emergency Co-Ordinators

Jane Higgins  01794 340536

Harry Urquhart  01794 342352

Emergency Centre

King George's Hall is the emergency centre.

If the hall is inaccessible, then West Dean Club or St Mary's Church will be the emergency centre

Electricity & Water Emergencies

Southern Electric (SSE) 0345 026 0657 or or your own supplier

SSEN (Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks) offer a priority service for those who:

  • are over the age of 65
  • have a family with children under the age of 5
  • how have underlying health issues

Sign up via phone or online at 

The service offers: 

  • Dedicated 24 hour priority services phone number.
  • Priority updates during a power cut.
  • Nominate someone for us to contact on your behalf.
  • Provide information in the format you need, for example Braille or audio CD.
  • Security password to keep you safe.

Southern Water 0330 303 0277 or 


If you are at risk you should sign up for flood warnings to be sent to your phone. 

Sign up at

These will also be posted on and the Parish Council Facebook page, or contact the emergency coordinators:

Jane Higgins   01794 340536

Andy Francis   01794 342398

Floods happen in the village from time to time.  In 2013 the majority of the village was also affected by a prolonged power cut.  Those properties which are likely to be affected by flooding need to be aware of the precautions that they should take to minimise the damage to their properties. 

The Parish Council can supply empty sand bags for filling.

It is advisable to deposit a key to your house with a neighbour (not only for flood situations) so that access can be gained should there be a reason to enter your house if you are away.

Power Cuts

Home owners are advised to purchase a corded landline telephone for use during power cuts or a battery powered mobile phone charger.

King George’s Hall has its own generator and will be open and warm as an emergency shelter. If the Hall is inaccessible then both St Mary’s Church and West Dean Club can be used as shelters.

It is advisable to have a stock of candles and a camping stove which can be used for the supply of hot drinks and light meals. A non-electric room heater should also be a consideration – a small calor gas model can be bought for about £50.

Medical Emergencies

In cases of emergency where urgent or life-threatening medical attention is required you should dial 999 and request an ambulance. 

If you require local medical support whilst waiting for the ambulance to arrive you should contact the emergency coordinators or one of the Parish Councillors who will try to locate a local doctor or nurse to attend.  

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