Planning Applications

Parish Council Role for Planning Applications

The role of the Parish Council with respect to planning applications is focused around advising and listening to applicants, residents within the parish and other interested parties, before making a recommendation to the relevant planning authority.

Advice to Applicants: 

In the case of a planning application which:

  • lies within the conservation area
  • involves replacing one house with another
  • a major extension to an existing property, 
  • involves change of use to land/buildings
  • falls into the category of ‘new build'

the Parish Council advises that applicants should consider taking the steps set out below:

1. Consult informally with:

  • the relevant planners on their proposals before initiating any formal application and/or drawing up plans
  • individual Parish Councillors and, if necessary, arrange site visits to help build understanding around the proposal. You may also choose to do this by attending the open forum session which is at every Parish Council meeting.
  • your immediate neighbours and any other interested parties so that there are ‘no surprises’ when the formal application is made.

2. Take up the option of the pre-planning consultation process with relevant Planning Office (there is a fee for this).

3. Attend the Parish Council meeting when your formal planning application is on the agenda (the Parish Clerk can advise when this is likely to happen)

The Parish Council discusses all planning applications at their regular meetings and a record of the decision is minuted and forwarded to the relevant planning authority. 

As stated above, the Parish Council has no jurisdiction with respect to planning – our remit is merely to make a recommendation of support or not. 

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