prescription delivery service

Whiteparish Surgery

The Parish Council has arranged with Whiteparish Surgery for a representative from the village to collect prescriptions from the surgery and deliver them to residents of West Dean.  

How To Register

  1. Register with the West Dean Parish Clerk (Melanie Camilleri) at (or complete the form below) make sure you include the following information in your email:

- Your Full Name

- Address and Postcode

- Date of Birth

2. Order your medication from Whiteparish Surgery in the normal way e.g. online so that the surgery can get it ready for collection

3. Your medication will be delivered to your home.

Each Patient must register independently as this will link to each specific medication order(s)

Delivery Day

The first collection will be on Wednesday 1st April and every Wednesday thereafter (unless emergency medication is required). 

Melanie will be required to show her ID at the Surgery and they will provide a letter of authority to drop off medications.

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Complete this Form to register for the Medication Delivery Service (Whiteparish Surgery)

This is a West Dean Parish Council co-ordinated Service with the NHS 

and is compliant with GDPR Data Privacy Regulations

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